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For informational partnership and accreditation, please, contact

Natalia Soboleva, PR, Mass Media, information support


Accreditation terms and conditions:

  1. Official registration of mass media. Journalists from officially registered mass media, such as printed periodicals, radio-, TV- and video programs, news agencies, online media and other forms of periodical distribution of information can be accredited at the V Russian Congress on Laboratory Medicine.
  2. Media subjects. Mass media may accredit their correspondents for the V Russian Congress on Laboratory Medicine if they publish materials on the subjects of the Congress, i.e. laboratory medicine, it also refers to news media that have corresponding thematic sections.
  3. The number of accredited journalists from each mass medium. Each mass medium may apply for accreditation of one journalist and one photographer. In cases when it is reasonable and necessary for the process of making a report about the Congress, it is permitted to allow more representatives of the one mass medium to be present.
  4. Advertising managers, marketing managers, PR managers, and heads of regional and commercial services shall not be accredited for the Congress.
  5. Truthfulness of coverage of the event and mandatory informing of organizers about the publication. An accredited journalist must truthfully cover the work and events of the Congress.
  6. Press centre has the right to deny mass medium accreditation for the IV Russian Congress on Laboratory Medicine if the mass medium is an extremely specialized non-core one.