Culture Programme

ART LAB area in the exhibition hall:

Photo show Laboratory City and Its Residents” - ""My Work", "My Russia", "My World", "My look at Israel" (in frame of Day of Israel).

Exhibition of paintings (Anna Malko, Elena Kochkina)

Alma Mater in Faleristics - Dr.Alexander Iliin presents his collection of insignia of Russian medical universities and institutes 

ART Lab Library demonstrates collections of ancient books about lab medicine
Our Heritage  - documents and personal things of outstanding people of medicine: Zdrodovskiy, Hamaleya, Sergiev

Retro Lab Museum - collection of old laboratory instruments

Showing of documentary films about great people of medicine (conference halls Semashko and Pirogov during break for lunch).

Background music “Jazz in the City”, Boris Gnilov is playing the piano (Menshikov square), Alexander Osokin - accordion (cafe Shool Lab)

Evening concert program “Medicine and Art” (cafe Shook Lab).