3 - 5 october

Program at a Glance

Conference hall "Semashko". Management of medical laboratory and medical services.
Curators: MD M.L. Sveschinsky, MD, professor O.A. Tarasenko, MD, professor V.N. Malakhov
Management of medical laboratories, optimization of resource provision, economics of laboratories and laboratory services.
Methods and results of improvements of organization inside the laboratory.
The experience and the effects of improvement of territorial organization of the service.
Legal aspects of activity medical laboratories.
Management of appointments of laboratory tests.

Conference hall "Lomonosov". Human resources and education. 
Curators: MD, professor S.V. Tsvirenko, MD professor A.Z. Gilmanov, MD, professor V.V. Dolgov
Graduate and postgraduate education of specialists in clinical laboratory diagnostics with secondary and higher education, clinical medical specialties. 
Staffing laboratory services.
Evaluation of staff qualification.
The scientific organization of labor, the motivation and the formation of industrial climate in the team.

Conference hall "Pirogov". Dialogue between the clinic and the laboratory.
Curators: MD, professor A.M. Ivanov; MD, professor T.V. Vavilova; C.Sc. M.G. Vershinina
Practical issues in the use of laboratory results to clinical practice: the appointment, treatment, clinical decisions.
The effective biomarkers for various types of pathology.

Conference hall "Pavlov". Fundamental questions of Clinical and Laboratory Medicine.
Curators: MD, professor V.N. Titov; MD, professor V.L. Emmanuel 
Fundamental questions of clinical laboratory medicine, etiology and pathogenesis of metabolic pandemics.
Methodical perfection (metabolomics, lipidomika, personalized medicine).
Basis of prevention.

Conference hall "Mechnikov". Etiology, diagnosis and prevention of infectious diseases.
Curators: D.Sh, professor I.S. Tartakovsky; MD, professor E.V. Alieva; MD, professor V.P. Sergiev
The etiology, early diagnosis and laboratory monitoring of infectious diseases.
Antibiotic resistance and the possibility of its detection.
Virological diagnosis: Modernity and new opportunities.
Diagnosis of parasitic diseases: challenges, realities and prospects.
Clinical Mycology.
Diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections.

Conference hall "Vavilov". Problems of ensure laboratory research at the present stage.
Curators: C.Sc. G. A. Shipulin; C.Sc. A.N. Shibanov; MD M.B. Shimanski
The latest and advanced technologies in the field of laboratory diagnostics.
Computerization, IT and automation.
Problems of domestic production of medical devices for clinical laboratory diagnostics.

Conference hall "Botkin". Curator C.Sc. N.A. Steriopolo.
Discussions, workshops, specialized meetings and conferences.

Poster session. Curator C.Sc. A.V. Moshkin.