Photography Contest

Dear colleagues, each of us is a part of a large laboratory community, which nowadays consists of more than 100,000 people. The Russian Congress of Laboratory Medicine is a reflection of our community, and one can freely say that life is in full swing in our laboratory city, and the city continues to be filled with interesting people, bold ideas, and new directions for development.

One of these bold ideas is organizing a photo contest as a part of the Congress.

We invite participants and guests of the Congress to take part in the photo contest.

1. Organizers:

Organizers of the contest: Association of Laboratory Specialists and Organizations “Federation of Laboratory Medicine”

2. General terms of the contest

2.1. Subject – “Laboratory City and Its Residents”.


  • “My Work” (faces of colleagues)

  • “My Russia” (landscapes, nature of Russia)

  • “My World” (free choice)

  • "Once 20 years later'" (2 photos of the same place - now and 20 years ago) 

2.2. Contest works should be sent before August 1, 2019.

2.3. Works will be assessed by Jury  According to the results of the assessment 40 contest works will be chosen to be placed in the exhibition area of ART Lab and later on Congress website

2.4. The award ceremony will take place in VDNH pavilion No. 75 on September 12, 2019.

2.5. The exhibition of works presented for the photo contest will be held from 11 to 13 September, 2019 as a part of the “Laboratory City” exhibition.

2.6. Judges of the contest: professional and independent experts.

3. Reception of photos for the contest

3.1. All photos are accepted in an electronic form by e-mail:

3.2. Requirements to the photos: JPEG file format, not exceeding 5 MB, RGB color model, and the size of a picture no less than 2,560×1,920 pixels.

3.3. All photos sent for the contest should be accompanied by the following information:

3.4 Last, first and middle names of the author, when and wh ere the photo was made,

3.5 Contact telephone number, e-mail.

4. Special terms of the contest

4.1. Both professionals and amateurs may take part in the contest; the age of participants is not limited.

4.2. Judges of the contest shall award the first, the second and the third prizes by a closed ballot.

4.3. The main criterion for photo assessment is the best development of the contest subject and artistic integrity of the image.

4.4. The project is noncommercial.

4.5. Works are accepted only from the authors of photos (or their authorized representatives).

4.6. Only works made in accordance with photo techniques are accepted. Photo collages, images in photo frames, and photos with subscriptions on the front shall not be judged. Photos that have already taken winning places in other photo contests shall not be accepted.

4.7. The organizing committee prints photos in the format from A3 (29.7 х 42 cm) to А1 (84.1 сm х 59.4 cm).

4.8. Each author may send no more than 3 photos for each nomination.

5. Awarding the winners

5.1. Participants taking the first, the second and the third places are awarded certificates with their names inscribed as the winners of the contest and special prizes from the partners of the contest.

5.2. Works of the winners of the contest and the most interesting photos will be placed on the official website of the Congress in a separate section devoted to the photo contest.

6. Copyrights

6.1. Authors partially transmit their rights to use the photos to the organizers (as a part of the project and to use them for advertizing the contest “Laboratory City and Its Residents”).

6.2. Copyright transfer procedure:

6.2.1. Sending your works to the contest you confirm that you have copyrights for the presented works and agree that your works may be used by the organizers of the project in order to hold the project successfully, to inform public about it by different kinds of publications in mass media, including electronic ones, and in advertizing the Congress.

6.2.2. In case you win, you’ll need to provide a confirmation of transfer of a part of your rights to the organizers in written form for them to use your photos for purposes related to holding the Project and advertizing of the Congress. Each photo used for these purposes shall have authorship stated by it. Organizers undertake an obligation not to transfer/sell the photos sent for the contest to third parties.

6.2.3. The duration of partial copyright transfer is not limited.

6.2.4. The area of photo distribution is not limited.