Speaker's Guide

Participants and speakers of the conference accept the following norms and requirements of the conference, the observance of which shall be supervised by the organizers during the whole period of the event.

  1. A report should be innovative fr om the scientific or practical point of view. It must contain own results of research or data about new markers, technology, documents.It`s not permitted to expound theses announced at the previous congress or repeat facts, well-known to the laboratory community. 

  2. Abstracts for all congress presentations must be submitted in a appropriate way through the system. 

  3. A speaker must tolerate different perspective regarding materials he/she expounds and treat opponents respectfully.

  4. A speaker must treat another person’ intellectual property respectfully and comply with generally accepted quoting rules.

  5. Advertizing is prohibited. A report in the scientific part of the conference should not contain any trade names or logos either in presentation, or in verbal communications of a speaker. It is not permitted to either defame commercial products or services, or promote them intentionally.

  6. A moderator can stop the presentation if a speaker shows non-compliance with the point 5 of this document. 

The exceptions are:

-Mentioning of analytical systems the work is based on.

- Credits on the last slide of the presentation.

7. It’s a must to mention all workplaces of a speaker, including commercial structures.

8. It’s a must to provide an opportunity to ask speakers questions (up to 3 minutes of the time lim it).

9. The absence without valid excuse or change of subject/speaker is prohibited regardless of presenting information in the form of a lecture or poster session.

10. Our conference serves to provide participation free from offensive behavior for all people regardless of their sex, gender identity and self-expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, look, physique, race, ethnic background, confession (or its absence) and preferred technologies.

11. We shall not tolerate any forms of discrimination in relation to all participants of the conference. No explicit phrases or pictures are permitted at all the venues of the conference, including reports and workshops. All statements concerning any political issues are prohibited regardless of their being generally accepted in the Russian Federation or contradicting state point of view.

The committee and organizers of the event reserve the right to impose certain sanctions for non-compliance with the mentioned above norms up to prohibiting a speaker to take part in the following events.